Katlyn Marie Humbarger

Favorite Memory

I enjoyed participating in The Big Event because it allowed me to serve the local community and work with my classmates outside of the classroom.

Favorite Professor

All of the professors I had throughout law school were wonderful. Specifically, Professors Alton, Cassado-Perez, Eckstein, Morrison, and Rambo were always willing to help me with school or career related advice. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the courses they taught and the dedication they continuously exhibited toward educating their students.

Law School Inspiration

My father, who received his J.D. from the University of Toledo in 1995, and my grandfather, who received his J.D. from Ohio Northern University in 1967. They each worked very hard to overcome many challenges on their path to law school and helped inspire me to continue my education and earn my J.D. as well. I am immensely grateful for their hard work and for the continual support of my mother and grandmother throughout my education.