Ryan Grant

Favorite Memory

The entire year in Prof. Murphy's LARW section: grammar and citation survivor, ten memos, waiting in line outside his office nearly every day to discuss our memos, doing toastmasters together at Wednesday lunches, and making my first friends in law school (including, I dare say, Professor Murphy himself). It was the best introduction to law school.

Favorite Professor

Professors Murphy, Rich, and Rambo. Papa Smurph for all the reasons above. Prof. Rich because she is an incredible person and helped me survive 2L and 3L. Professor Rambo because Supreme Court Seminar was my favorite class in law school, and she was everything I hoped for in a law professor. Also shout out to McGrath and his 8AM Torts class. I found him hilarious and a great teacher.

Law School Inspiration

I went to law school to broaden my horizons and to figure out how I could best use whatever talents I have to make life better for people who need it. Coming out of law school, I think I am going to be able to realize that dream.