Connor Colten Day

Favorite Memory

Helping set up the 12th Law Man and organizing events that preserve the Aggie traditions. Big Event, the Annual Aggie Football Bus Trip, and presentations about the traditions that make our school special were always a blast. It's just too bad we couldn't organize a law school "Chilifest" as well.

Favorite Professor

Vanessa Casado Perez got me interested in Natural Resources early on in law school and has encouraged that interest through conferences, speakers, and coursework ever since. I'm grateful that I have been able to take a handful of classes with her, including my seminar paper. Thank you Vanessa!

Law School Inspiration

My last year of undergrad I didn't exactly know what I was going to do after graduation. The only courses that had really interested me were my policy and business law classes, so I decided to shoot my shot with law school. While this isn't the most profound story, I recognize now that it was definitely the best decision I could have made and have been very happy to attend Texas A&M School of Law.

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